Donya Immigration is a full service Immigration Consultant,
providing assistance in all matters related
to immigration to Canada, making this path easy by assisting you through your immigration process

                                                                                     Managed by:
                                                                                                      Guity Honarmand

                                                                              Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant



+Care Giver
+Express Entry
+Skilles/Trade Programs
+Canadian Express Class
+Labour Market Impact (LMIA)
+Economic and Business Programs
+Provincial Nominee
+Visitor Visa

             More Services:

*Family Sponsorship
*Permanant Resident
*Refugee Sponsorship
*PR Card Renewal
* and..........

          Benefits of Being PR:

+Live, Study, Work anywhere in Canada,

+Health Care Coverage

+Protection under Canadian Law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms,

​+Apply for Canadian Citizenship.
Permanent Resident:

A Permanent Resident is Someone who has been given Permant Residence by Immigration to Canada

                  Eligibility :     

+Have Permanent Resident Status,

+Be Phisically present in Canada,

+ Not be convicted of an Offence,
+Not be under an effective Removal Order,

+Not be a Canadian Citizen or Registerd Indian under the Indian

Reasons Why You Should Hire Regulated Consultants


* We have a team of Licensed consultants, and we work according to the codes of Conduct and ensure that your interests are protected

* We are familiar with Canada's visa system and are able to advise you which visas you qualify for and for which you should apply for

* ​We will provide you with honest and reliable feedback on what your options are and advice you on the entire immigration process

​* We will take care of your paperwork, submission forms and documents, and ensure they are correctly compiled and submitted to authorities within the deadlines.
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For Clients out side Canada:
 Same Phone Number via: (Whatsapp, Telgram, IMO)

[email protected]

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